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Who We Are

PT Sappe Indonesia is the result of a strategic partnership between Sappe PCL (Thailand) and PT Sappe Indonesia, dedicated to transforming innovative brand concepts into reality. With a bold and dynamic approach, we have pioneered some of the market’s most cutting-edge consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, such as Mogu Mogu, Goon, Beauty Drink, Elle Air, and more. Comprising thought leaders, tastemakers, and trendsetters, we continuously pioneer industry methodologies, introducing disruptive products that redefine standards

Our Brands

Our Brands

First produced in Thailand in 2001 and later introduced in Indonesia in 2011, Mogu Mogu comes in a variety of delicious flavors, featuring real fruit juice containing chewy, jelly-like cubes of nata de coco made from flavorful bites of young coconut. Starting with its flagship product, Mogu Mogu Data De Coco, the brand expanded its portfolio to include Mogu Mogu Jelly. The Mogu Mogu brand is bold, energetic, and highly coveted across generations. Expanding globally, Mogu Mogu can be found at select retailers worldwide

Combining refreshingly fun flavors and collagen formulas, Beauti Drink provides consumers with a wide range of better-for-you products, perfectly balanced to support their beauty goals and treat their taste buds.

Mogu Mogu Cubes stands out with its unique jelly presentation. Our delectable offerings boast a variety of flavors, each featuring real fruit juice paired with chewy, square-shaped jelly cubes crafted from the delightful essence of young coconut, providing an invigorating texture reminiscent of aloe vera.



With a robust network of logistics partners and advanced systems, we ensure quick and efficient delivery of our clients’ products to Indonesia.

In the present landscape, customers discover our brands through friends, social media, and their favorite spots. Don’t leave it to chance. We offer our clients data infrastructure and local execution, not just for cost savings but to seize opportunities exactly where our customers are.

We guide our clients into the future by going beyond tactics to provide insights and genuine value. Leveraging our extensive network and innovative tools, we create compelling campaigns that not only drive revenue but also enhance the brand’s lifetime value.

Utilizing our spacious in-house warehouse and a broad network of freight partners, we assure secure storage and smooth delivery of products to our valued customers.

Our extensive team of field representatives ensures flawless product presentation and captivating promotional displays in all our retail channels.

Creativity is at the heart of Sappe Indonesia’s growth. We believe in strong branding through design and creative ideas. We make sure our clients’ messages are clear and impactful by focusing on connecting with their customers. Our approach covers everything from art direction to consistent brand guidelines, making our brands stand out in any industry.

Bringing International Brilliance with a local touch

Sappe Indonesia is dedicated to empowering international whether it’s
infusing vibrancy and playfulness or embodying boldness and iconic status,
we build brand experiences that cover the entire spectrum. With influential
founders and devoted communities, we don’t merely make waves; we
break records, defy norms, and ignite a revolution. Our brands encapsulate a
lifestyle—a culture marked by excitement, energy, and a commitment to
embracing life wholeheartedly.

Our brands are sold in 73.000+ retailers across Indonesia

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